project description

Performances: February 10, 11, & 12, 2005
Installation on view: February 7-15, 2005

Location: The Kitchen, 512 W19th St, NYC

tracy + the plastics re-imagines the consciousness-raising groups of the 1970's feminist movement and the potential revolutionary spaces of close bodies, living room histories and dialogue. the performance takes place after band practice, in the living room. we look at the possession of relations (her cousin's sister's girlfriend had a baby), hair, looking at our bodies with mirrors, and how the microphone really does look too much like a dick. eating raw cookie dough, dogs at feet, worms reshaping the landscape, and how the projection of an imagined utopia is something to build with, practice, interrupt, and realize.

where is the present space of radical feminism? we locate and expand it in our dialogue with objects, bodies, time and space. what happens when those things change on us? what happens when our dialogue changes on them?

in collaboration with sculptor fawn krieger, we design and build a room structured by ideas of non-hierarchical building: building out instead of up, connecting the audience and the performance space, and exposing the structure. we build with wood, foam, carpet, video projections, and found objects and begin to ask what happens when a structure that initially supports one thing begins to support something else.

the daytime installation explores the quiet shifts of building a new meaning into a structure. the living room we create is a site of exploration and growth, honest presence and rigorous listening. the installation explores this building. the physical space of ROOM and the emotional space of our collaboration.

ROOM creates a domestic space that is external, aggressive, and performative, a space to move in. we further explore the possibilities of sound and action as we place them in a social history and in a room

wynne + fawn